Vaseky V800 256GB SSD 2.5 inch SATA3 6GB/s – 550MB/s


100% Brand New, High Quality, Lightweight Slim Design!
Standard SATA interface and 2.5-inch design allow it to directly replace the original 2.5-inch mechanical disk of the laptops and computers.
SATA III 6Gb high-speed interface is used to be backward compatible with SATA II/I.
SATA III 6Gb/s high-speed interface through CMOS low-power technology effectively reduces the power consumption.
Supporting optimized instructions such as NCQ / TEIM / SMATR and etc, it can not only enhance the hard drive’s writing performance but also reduce the loss chance and slow down the performance decrease, thus effectively extending the life of the hard drive.
SSD compared with the advantages of HDD:
Faster read and write speed, especially in small file read and write, install the system in SSD, which can greatly improve the speed of computer startup and the speed of daily operation.
Strong shock resistant and Fall characteristic, and can minimize the possibility of data loss.
SSD has no motor and fan and other mechanical components, no noise in the process of use.
The power consumption of SSD is lower than that of traditional HDD.
The working temperature range is large.
Small in size and light in weight.
SSD for the first time use please formatted partitions.
The 4K aligned and Open AHCI mode SSD will have a higher speed of reading and writing.
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****** Specification ****
Color: Black
Material: aluminum alloy shell
Size: 2.5 inches
Interface: SATA III 6Gb/s
capacity: 256GB
Reading speed: 550 MB/s (because the test environment is different, data is for reference only)
Write speed: 520 MB/s (because the test environment is different, data is for reference only)
Memory particles: MLC
Power consumption: 0.1 W
Storage temperature: -55-75 degrees centigrade
Working temperature: 5-70 degrees centigrade